Friday, 16 May 2014

FOTD - But I Thought You Were A Goth?!

I'm not sure how well the title is going to be understood but basically I'm known for having the blackest/greyest/must bleh wardrobe and makeup selection ever. I don't do colour. Christ, even my hair is black, by choice, but I've recently decided to try to branch out a little outside my comfort zone. 

My eye decoration of choice usually ends up brown or nothing at all, with my standard bit of eyeliner - I definitely look naked without it. However I received the sweetest, prettiest Sleek palette off my Secret Valentine back in February and I just wasn't making the most of it. So here it is. Pink. Peachy, girly, wonderful pink. Pulling it off? I dunno, but I was a fan of how it went for the most part.

It's a similar story as far as my lips go. I'm a red or purple girl and that's about as far as it goes. But again, PINK. And it's MAC. And it isn't a MAC Matte shade. Are we all having heart attacks yet? I think I almost did.

I'm not gonna lie, it did feel really good to start to lighten things up as we head into summer and it's something I'm definitely going to work a little harder on. They do say life begins outside of your comfort zone and I know it's only makeup but it still counts!!

I'd love feedback on this, so if you have any helpful suggestions leave them in the comments! I also filmed a GRWM for this look, sort of half and half as to whether I'm going to post it. What do you think?! 

Have a good Friday, everyone! 

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  1. I think you pretty much nailed it! It isn't over the top at all and I love how subtle the eyes are :) xx