Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Rant Week #1 Pt 2 - Nothing But The Rant


Ironically, I was at the same gig that this photo was taken at, almost exactly two years apart. Okay, so this is the second part of my first ever rant week, the first part you'll find here.

La Dispute. Yep, my favourite band form the first part of my secondary, less ranty rant. I've seen them twice live now, the second being last night. And again, they didn't play Such Small Hands. Please, guys. That's all I want. I'd also quite like Jordan Dreyer to marry me but you know, one step at a time.

Giant Wasps. I love the summer, I've already started on the whole going for long walks through hills with friends thing and all of that. But why the hell are the insects on steroids this year? I know people say that every year but prior to now I wasn't one of those people. I can't cope. Eurgh. WHY DIDN'T LA DISPUTE PLAY SUCH SMALL HANDS?!

Personal Statements. As you'll know, I decided not to go to Uni this year. Or next year. But as I'm starting to think about applying for 2015 onwards I wanted to crack on early and make a start on my personal statement. Not a good idea, considering I've totally lost the ability to write.

If you enjoyed this, feel free to have a go yourself! I'll be back on Sunday with my secondary rant topics (the things that have annoyed me a little less than those mentioned). Please let me know if you've done or decide to do something similar yourself!


  1. Bloody personal statements... I thought I'd never have to do that again but then I realised I'll have to write one for my master's application next year. Kill me now.

  2. Urgh it was ten years ago this year that I wrote my personal statement for university - that was the worse! Good luck with writing yours.