Sunday, 16 February 2014

USA/UK Box Swap

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today I'm sort of offering up an opportunity for any of you over in the US (and those of you in the UK - don't leave just yet!). I mentioned on Twitter yesterday how much I wanted to do a box swap with someone from the US and amyjanealice agreed. So I thought I'd throw it out there.

If you don't know what it is, it's basically a person in the US buying someone from the USA x dollas/pounds worth of drugstore goodies and vice versa. You then mail it to the person. That really is all there is to it.

Now, in order for this post to be a bit of something for everyone, here's what I was thinking. If you're from the UK and you want to do a box swap, leave your email address. If you're from the USA and you're interested, do the same. If enough people get involved, I'll try to hook everyone from each side of the pond up with someone else. Everyone wins, right?

As far as budget is concerned, I was thinking £50-£60 mark, not including postage, but of course this is something you could discuss with your partner (provided this idea works!)

Get involved! It's an amazing way to get talking with bloggers, you can let each other know what sort of products/brands you want to try, and if you were feeling adventurous or spendy you don't have to keep it to drugstore/high street products!


  1. I would be interested I've done one before and its so fun! X

  2. I think I would be interested but I don't have £50-60 to spend but if anyone from the US would like to do a swap with a budget of around £10 with me then that would be great!

  3. This is a great idea! I'm definately interested. My email is

  4. It's such a fantastic idea! xxx I'm

  5. love to be involved, last swap with the US I took part in the postage was around £30 for around (£100 worth) and I then paid £45 to customs receiving my package, the postage has to be done so carefully or you end up wishing you hadn't bothered!

  6. I would be interested! I've never done one before but I really want to! My email address is


  7. I would LOVE(!) to be involved in a swap. I'd love to do around $50 not including postage. My emails is