Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Kitchen Scent?

I cannot apologise enough for the very late post - I swear blogger broke! I'm also really hating this whole "winter" thing going on in the Northern hemisphere, constant poor lighting and I just can't work with that. But I digress.

As some of you may know or may have caught wind of, I'm looking at moving out of my family home sometime this year to be closer to the city. Exciting, right?! I've become slightly obsessed with finding cute things for the home and planning exactly what I want - I'm one of those sorts of people.

In the process of buying a million candles and incense sticks in search for the perfect scent for each room cross referenced with mood and paint on the walls (I'm joking there... perhaps) I came across what I think might be my kitchen scent.

I'm aware of how sad I sound but hear me out. Yankee Candle's Red Velvet scented candle literally smells exactly like cake. I know that sort of goes without saying but it isn't an artificial sweet smell like you get with most sweet scented candles. It fills the room with that I've-just-baked smell which I absolutely adore despite being too lazy to do it myself which if anything just makes this even more of a perfect fit for my make believe kitchen. 


  1. I love new home shopping its so much fun, plus i bet this smells amazing!!! xxx

  2. LOVE the scent of this Yankee Candle! I recommend you check out Village Candle, a cheaper alternative to Yankee Candle. I got their Vanilla Caramel Swirl and it smells absolutely delicious!

    Peach Pow XO