Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Body Shop | Olive Body Butter


This is one of those things I got for Christmas (it actually came in a little gift set but I'm yet to try out the other products) and didn't really pay much attention to until I actually started inspecting my gifts properly. Knowing full well of my great love for olives this is one of those stocking filler gifts my mum bought for me, however upon first impression I didn't think an olive scented body butter would really be my thing. Oh, how wrong I was.

My current go to body butter right now, the scent is unbelievable, and really doesn't smell how I expected it to. It's really fresh, like leaves and plants in the summer and really isn't overpowering whatsoever so doesn't interfere with any sort of perfumes or body sprays you might want to wear alongside it. It isn't sticky in the slightest which is a massive bonus for me as that's something I seriously hate when it comes to moisturising post-bath. 

Definitely a product I'll probably repurchase once I've used up some of my other body butters but in the bigger version as I'm actually almost all out of this! I'm seriously excited to try out my body wash and scrub too!

I've been a lover of the body butters The Body Shop have to offer, they're so luxurious and so affordable and there's a scent that will literally suit every taste. Although I usually prefer something a little sweeter I think this is something a lot of people will love but just haven't given a chance yet.


  1. I love The Body Shop body butters and own about 6 of them! I'm currently holding a giveaway on my blog, it's not much but it'd be great if you could enter :) x

  2. I smelled this in the body shop the other day and loved the fresh scent, I have no idea why I didn't pick it up they really own it when it comes to body butters x


  3. I love the body shop! i think I've smelled this one before too. This smell isn't over powering, but still very nice. Great post :)

    x leah symonne x