Thursday, 23 January 2014

Maybelline | Baby Skin Primer

Having really not caught on to the whole Baby Lips hype that came about over the summer I was seriously skeptical when it came to the release of the corresponding Baby Skin addition from Maybelline. Despite this I was really lured in by the adorable packaging so ended up buying it on a recent visit to Boots.

I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. Not my usual sort of primer as it is very silicone based but it really does blur out my pores and soften the look of my entire face, although I wouldn't exactly call it a pore eraser. You don't get a lot of product but as the saying goes a little really does go a long way and I find I need a pea sized amount to cover the entire of the centre of my face, and I do have a very large head

However, one problem this may cause for some is that it is very matte, so dry skin gals may be advised to stay away from this. It works for me absolutely brilliant though, with my skin being more on the combination/oily/normal side of things I find this works great when I have a long day ahead and can't really afford to have that dewy glow, as things start to get pretty dewy on their own towards the end of the day.

All in all I think this is a really nice product, although not for everyone. For the price tag and the usage you'll get out of this I think it's absolutely spot on and probably one of the better drug store/high street options, although it is my mission to try out more. Baby Skin has a firm place in my "back up" makeup bag that I tend to keep at Ryan's for my long weekend stays there and I can't see it moving for a while.


  1. Great review I want to get it but I haven't seen it in Canada yet :)


  2. I really enjoy this product! I have quite a few dry patches and I find this almost gives the skin an even texture, meaning my foundation doesn't cling to my dry patches! I wish it came with a bit more product, but the price is so low that I can't really complain!

  3. I didn't even know this was out! Just saw this and went straight to superdrug online to order the primer! Thanks for sharing xx