Friday, 24 January 2014

An Ode To Decluttering

Call me a little late off the mark, but on a recent soak in the bath and a glimpse over all of the products I currently have on rotation I decided it was high time I actually started to use some of them up. This isn't a New Year sort of thing, it's more a "Holy crap look at the state of my bedroom with all this stuff!" sort of thing.

My plan is, if it works, to swap between products when one runs out. For instance, right now I'm using my banana shampoo from The Body Shop at Ryan's and my Juicy shampoo from Lush at home. I'm doing exactly the same with pretty much every bath product imaginable: body butter, body wash, conditioner, toner, cleanser... the list just doesn't stop.

This isn't such a big issue with makeup as I do find that I have pretty much everything going at once and most products get equal usage but I have a real problem with acquiring bath products and never getting round to using them. Once I've used up all of the things I have I'll start purchasing either new products or my favourite products out of the bunch I did have use them before finding anything else, or at least have no more than two of each in my stash (you've got to have backup!).

Fingers crossed this actually works and I actually start getting rid of the stuff I do have! I want to end up with a clutter free beauty basket and a clearer bedroom to make pretty and wonderful. You in?

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  1. I use the champney's bath cream it's so goood!