Sunday, 5 January 2014

Spending Ban | February - May 2014

Just recently I've gotten a little out of control with my spending, which is pretty surprising as I've barely had time to spend anything. I went wild buying presents for everyone over Christmas and got even worse when I stopped working on the markets and started my office job - more time to spend and plenty of money put aside. 

I've decided I'll probably need to continue to treat myself to get rid of the January blues. Cheeky, I know, but you know it's true! So I've decided that, from February - May I will go on a four month spending ban and really get some saving done, and I have plenty to save for! A hen do/holiday with my mum (she's getting married 15th July!), holidays with Ryan... yeah, plenty! 

As I'm going on holiday in June I will have to start buying some holiday clothes before the end of my spending plan but I will be constructing a list and sticking to that instead of just going crazy buying things I don't need!

Here are my rules: other than my rent, gym membership and my food I won't be spending anything unless it's something I completely run out of, in which case I'll be buying a drugstore/cheaper alternative. If I do find I need anything else I will have to square this with Ryan first, who is absolutely amazing at saving, who can either agree or decline my spending request. Pretty simple, so wish me luck - I need it!


  1. Good luck! I thought about doing a spending ban but I failed miserably on my last one, so I've decided to do a savings challenge instead! Its for 52 weeks and you put away the amount of the week you're in so this week is week 1 so I've put away £1. By the end I should have £1378 saved!

    Holly xx

    1. That's a brilliant idea!! That may be one for me to do next year :) best of luck to you!!xxxx