Sunday, 29 December 2013

Secret Valentine's - vickieblogs & xteaseflutterpoutx

After missing out on all of the Secret Santa opportunities these last couple of months I really wanted to get in on something else, so I shared a nice little idea with Laura from xteaseflutterpoutx... Secret Valentine's. It's everybody's worst nightmare, right? 

I'll give you the very short low down - it's essentially Secret Santa, but for Valentine's Day. There really isn't much else to it.

Now, as I'm unsure as to how many people will jump on this idea alongside the fact that I don't want it to get too out of hand and I don't want someone not buying their Valentine a gift, this will be open only to 20 people (not including myself and Laura). 

The minimum spend is £10 and maximum is £15 not including postage & packaging, it must include a card or cute note and whatever you choose your gift to be. You must make sure your gift arrives on time or thereabouts, so I'd say to be safe to make sure your gift is in the mail between January 31st and February 7th. This is open internationally. If you'd like to be involved, email your name, blog URL, twitter, instagram etc etc and your FULL ADDRESS to ASAP so I can match you up with someone! 

Check back here or on either of mine or Laura's twitter for updates :)


  1. This is such a great idea! I totally would love to be involved! :)

  2. Such a lovely idea! I'd like a little secret valentine! How lovely x

    1. You're more than welcome to join in, lovely! Just email your details to me :)