Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WEIGHTLOSS WEDNESDAYS #6 | Drink The Pounds Away!

Stats: Weight Lost: 10lbs

Happy Wednesday, beauties! It's that time of week again and we're back on track. I've been focusing really hard this week, particularly on the liquids I'm consuming. I've never really thought much about this, I'd always just grab whatever it was that was in the cupboard and be done with it. However, after reading up some of the brilliant effects of things like water, green tea and pure fruit juices and smoothies, I couldn't not indulge. Here's what I've been drinking...

For the mornings I've mainly been drinking pure green tea or peppermint green tea. Wonderfully refreshing, I absolutely adore this as a real pick me up!

For the evenings I love a camomile and honey brew. It really does have that ability to send you right on to sleep. 

To quench thirst I love to have pure fruit juice or a good smoothie. Feel Good do gorgeous juices whereas my go to for smoothies has to be either innocent or naked! All 100% fruit, nothing else. Brilliant!

For a caffeine boost I do love sweet, black coffee, although I avoid these where possible. 

Do you have anything you could recommend to help weightloss or even just drinks that are generally good for you? I'd love to hear some recommendations and really broaden what I'm consuming!


  1. This sounds great herbal teas really do help surprisingly!! I never used to like them and am obsessed now!
    I do a tonne of juices from fruit too cos it serves as breakfast and large snacks xxx

  2. love your weight loss posts, I'm just about to start my own journey, so nervous about it!! I adore green tea and have been drinking aloe vera juice which is great for wellbeing inc. weight loss :) would you be up for being weightloss buddies?! (formerly Tigerlily's Beauty Blog!)


  3. I love peppermint tea - it's so good for digestion and I love having a little cup of it after a meal!

    Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters - a blog about charity shops, cosmetics and coeliac disease

  4. Green tea's a great one, I've been loving aloe vera juice lately :) Need to lose a good few lbs myself!!! Would you like to be weight loss buddies?!


  5. Yeeeeah, I probably ought to do this, but I love my yorkshire tea way too much!