Tuesday, 19 November 2013

CHRISTMAS | Do's and Do Not's

We really are just counting down the weeks till Christmas and I don't think I could be any more excited! I got a few good ideas for posts during last week's FBLCHAT so I thought it'd be nice to put them to use - this week we're on do's and do not's and it's all good and fun from here...

DO eat plenty of mince pies
DO NOT forget the fairy lights
DO drink far too much Christmas alcohol
DO NOT deprive yourself of that extra helping
DO spend lots of time with the people you love
DO NOT worry yourself over work
DO have a snowball fight
DO NOT wake up without a smile
DO everything you enjoy
DO NOT set yourself unrealistic resolutions
DO walk around all of the Christmas markets you possibly can
DO NOT forget your gloves

What would you put on your list of do's and don't's? 


  1. Aw so cute!! Love this post I want to set it as my desktop background (if that is even possible) haha



  2. Haha perfect quirky post I love it! X


  3. Mine would be really boring sensible ones about don't spend too much on Christmas presents, don't drink loads and then drive .. joys of growing up is that my sensible side reigns through!