Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WEIGHTLOSS WEDNESDAYS #5 | Positive Body Image

Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd so something a little different this week, ignore stats (partly because I've been very naughty and am just getting myself back on track) and talk about body image. 

I know all too well what it feels like to be unhappy in your own skin as it's how I've always felt, but it is said that to be happy you need to accept and love yourself for who you are. Sounds a bit funny coming from a girl who's trying to lose weight, but body image is partly the reason behind it. I want to feel happy in myself and to achieve real peace of mind. My body is something I've always been unhappy with, so shouldn't it be up to me to change that?

However, it isn't all about hate. Despite the flaws I see in myself I can always pick out five things I absolutely love about me and my looks, and after reading this post I want all of you to do the same and leave the five things you love about yourself in the comments. Keep these things in mind and remember that you're a really special individual! So here are mine:

1) I have really lovely curves. Small waist, big hips and a good pair of legs. Despite the excess weight I feel I may have these are still noticeable. 

2) My eyes are my best facial feature. Bright, big and long, thick eyelashes. I love them!

3) I can be really selfless sometimes. I love making other people happy. 

4) I'm smart. As much as I try to deny it to myself and put myself down, I'm an incredibly bright girl.

5) I give brilliant advice and have helped my close friends through a lot. No matter what it's about, I somehow always find the right thing to say. 

Now it's your turn. Seriously have a think about it and list 5 things you love about yourself. Note down more if you feel as though you can! I hope this helps all of you.


  1. Love this.
    I shall do the same but instead tell myself before I get out of bed in the mornings!
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  2. This! I love it! Honestly more people need to do this since we all have something beautiful and unique to us! I like how you included both behaviour and appearance wise - beauty is more than just looks :)

    Mine would be : 1. I have quite a nice smile- dimple and all 2. I'm very friendly and a happy sort of person :D

    Asmaa x

  3. This was such a refreshing, inspirational read, I love it! I'm not sure I could up with 5 for myself though!!

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