Friday, 1 November 2013

The Body Shop | Sale & 40% Off

Earlier in the week Miss Makeup Magpie shared with us her huge haul from The Body Shop! She had a code with which you'd receive 50% off all items (including those in their big sale - check it out!) if you bought 8 items or more. Being constantly desperate for new bath and hair products I messaged her almost instantly to grab this code off her! Although, by the time it got to me it had changed to 40% off all items, period. No minimum number, sale items included, just 10% less. I wasn't about to complain!

All together these items came to less than £10 - a sweet, sweet bargain if you ask me. I purchased the banana shampoo, something my friend from high school used to use that I absolutely loved. It doesn't smell quite as fruity as I remember but the scent is still gorgeous (if you don't already know I'm currently using Lush's Curly Wurly shampoo. I see a tropical trend here...) and I'm so excited to use it.

I also picked up the Rainforest hair butter in the sale. Not entirely sure on how to use this but it smells divine, although the texture of it isn't quite as I'd imagined. I'd say it has more of a moisturiser texture rather than a butter.

I saw that Gemma had picked up a couple of the dry oils in her spree so I did exactly the same. Not one to turn my nose up at finding a hair oil that does the same job as Macadamia oil at a fraction of the price, I invested in the Sweet Lemon scent. I've used this on my face so far and it really is lovely! If anyone has any tips for using this on the hair then I'd love to hear!

Lastly you can see the very pale blusher. This, also in the sale, caught my eye as I've been looking for something to wear on my cheeks that is a little more subtle. I'm a bit of an English Rose so if I get even slightly heavy handed on the blusher side of things I find I do look a little ridiculous. I'm hoping this'll give me that all natural "I just got back from a long walk in the cold" look this winter!

You will be seeing full reviews of all products shown eventually, I just thought I'd share some more recent purchases with you! Unfortunately now that code has expired but don't forget to check the internet for more before you order from anywhere!

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