Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Winter Makeup Staples

Hello pretties! As we'll soon be leaving Autumn far behind and entering the ever cold winter months, I plan to bring you some little staples of my own over the next few weeks and I'll be kicking it off with some winter beauty staples. Things I've spotted and immediately decided I need in my collection for the upcoming months to make the freezing temperatures that little bit more bearable. 

First on the list is the Sleek Blush in Flushed which goes for £4.49 - an absolute bargain. It's all about the berry rosy cheeks this year and what better colour than this! Sleek have been raved about constantly on many of the blogs I follow for their good quality makeup and low, low prices. It's no wonder that I chose two products to feature on my staples to try, the second being their True Colour Lipstick in Cherry which is also a very fancy price - £4.99. This particular shade has a sheen finish so won't be very drying on the lips and the colour is to die for, perfect for taking the attention away from those "the wind is in my eyes so it looks like I'm crying" peepers.

As I don't fancy packing all that much product on my face this time round I've added the Max Factor CC Cream to my list which is £9.99. I'm taking advantage of my clearish skin this year where the only blemishes visible are easily fixed with a bit of concealer. Winter weather can be so treacherous on the epidermis so BB and CC creams are perfect. 

Now, as you can see the bulk of my list has been given up to eyeshadows. The first appearance is quite a daring looking Barry M shade - nothing other than their Dazzle Dust in Cherry Red. I'm sure we've all heard the beautiful Vivianna from viviannadoesmakeup have a little rave about MAC's eyeshadow in Cranberry - here is my alternative at a fraction of the price and I plan to create the similar, smoked out with a hint of red sort of look on my own eyes this winter. 

I've also made way for a BeautyUK palette, a budget brand I barely knew existed. This is palette no.4 in Earth Child and it contains some beautiful shades. For only £3.99 you're given 10 gorgeous shades and a few in particular caught my eye. First refer yourself to the centre shade on the top row - that gorgeous deep purple. There are also some beautiful dark shades so you can create a really smoked out look. 

Last on the list is an Accessorize Baked Eyeshadow in Molton Copper and at less than £4 for this single shade there are no complaints. I've recently really gotten into the whole gold look after hating these sorts of shades before, but after discovering how damn gorgeous they look on my green eyes I'm investing in more. Cue the eyeshadow addiction...

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