Friday, 1 November 2013


MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Dangerous

Again, I'll have to apologise for the awful quality of photos - as I've mentioned my camera is off it! Hopefully be sorted out pretty soon and I can get up some good photos and videos. For now though, here is the true swatch of my new MAC lipstick. 

You can, as you know, purchase a MAC lipstick for £15, which I don't really love spending but I've been eyeing the new Retro Matte colours for so long! I wasn't sure if this was too red/orange to match my hair but everyone I've asked has disagreed so far. Good sign! But I digress.

I do struggle with just how matte the MAC matte lipsticks are (try saying that five times quickly!) but with a nice bit of prep from my trusty Santa's Lip Scrub and aloe vera balm it was perfect and I didn't notice any flaking!

These vibrant colours are also amazing for staying power. Yeah, as your evening goes on they wear off, but these live a stain on your lips so you can get away with not reapplying for pretty much as long as you like. Perfect for the lazy girl like me!

I plan to get more of these colours to add to my collection but for now, one MAC sized dint in my bank account is enough...

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  1. MAC shades are just amazing, the list of MAC products to try just gets longer and longer :o). Xx