Friday, 25 October 2013

Weightloss Wednesdays #3 | Making The Most Of YouTube

Stats: Weight Lost: 7lbs

Hello beauties! It's Wednesday again and let me tell you, this week has been so good to me! It's safe to say I was incredibly surprised when I stepped on the scales this week and discovered I'd lost 5lbs in one week! That's half a stone of weightloss so far and I'm so proud. A combination of good diet and exercise has really worked, and I'm using this week to share with you some of my favourite YouTube videos and channels, holding quick, easy workouts you can attempt in the comfort of your own home. So throw on your yoga pants and get reading!

Blogilates is first on my list. This channel contains simple 10 - 15 minute videos you can complete with very little equipment. They have plenty of videos for whatever it is you may want - abs, bum, legs - you name it! As my stomach and legs are where I carry a lot of weight and are the areas I feel most self concious about I've been doing a video pretty much everyday and alternating. I've been particularly enjoying the video above as it tackles both!

XHIT Daily is also a good one to look out for. Also containing an abundance of quick and snappy workouts, this one also holds celebrity and model style workouts. You know, the whole "Get Beyonce's bootylicious butt" ordeal. Wishful thinking but hey, sign me up!

I've also been loving Fitness Blender at the minute, however perhaps not quite as much as the other ones as these workouts are a little more pro. Agility, fat burning, co ordination - the lot. I may be able to really delve into this stuff one day but for now I'm just dreaming and getting a little too out of breath.

There's also Rebekah Borucki, the yummy mummy everybody some day hopes to be. In a series of both everyday and fitness videos I find myself awe struck at this fabulous lady. Here you'll find yoga and belly busting exercise to get rid of all those pesky tires. Great, right? And she looks amazing, so I ain't arguing!

I think it's really best to have a search around and find which sorts of videos work best for you and what works well in terms of your own well being. Everybody is different - you may hate the sorts of workouts that I absolutely love! There's so much out there on YouTube, you may even wanna go a step further and attempt the almighty 30 Day Shred. Get yourself into a routine that works for you but don't forget to switch it up! We can all do this. I hope you're all healthy and well!

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