Friday, 25 October 2013

Santa, baby.

Yep, Lush have done it again, and it sure wouldn't be Christmas without it! After falling in love with the Popcorn lip scrub in early 2013 I decided I simply had to try this out and it does not disappoint. The standard, beautiful, edible lip scrub formula with a cherry cola taste and even cute little heart shapes that I sometimes get stuck to my teeth, Santa's Lip Scrub is most definitely the one.

They come in a lovely glass pot that sit perfectly next to my pot of incense, a little goes a surprisingly long away and does exactly the job. And, at a little over £5 you're on to an absolute bargain.


  1. Great post - love the colour of this! The little hearts sound adorable too! :)

    1. The little hearts were probably my favourite part of all haha!