Saturday, 26 October 2013

An Early Birthday Gift

I'm terrible, I know! It isn't my birthday for another week but the other night my boyfriend's mother came in with a lovely little gift - a hand painted glass she'd done herself, a handful of good old quality street and this - Vichy DermaBlend Cover Stick in Nude.

I've been pawing my way through the little sample packs for months and I finally have my own! What a gal. Swatched it may look a little dark, but this is the perfect balance for covering all that pesky redness I get around my nose and cheeks. I'll report back in a few weeks with my full verdict but DermaBlend is a product I've loved for a while, I can't see myself being disappointed!

As seen used by the famous Rick Genest a.k.a Zombie Boy to cover up his head to toe skeleton tattoos, the DermaBlend cover stick is said to be able to cover any form of blemish or deformation. Now, I tried this on my tattoos which are a little more vibrant than the aforementioned, and it didn't quite work, but the covering skills of the cover stick (duh) are certainly there. Used for pinpoint concealing every zit on my face is gone. And who the hell wouldn't love that?

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