Friday, 6 September 2013

The Student Series Part 1: Supplies

Happy Friday! I've been asked frequently to write a little Student Series. After 15 years in education (so far) I've learnt many tricks and come across numerous tips to get you through exams, homework, coursework and just about everything else. This week we're on stationary.

Whether you're starting high school, college or University what you have on your person is crucial. It's important to be prepared and trust me but it really does help with your learning! Here are a few things I always made sure I had, as well as why they're handy.

Black/blue pens. I'm not totally convinced that this needs explaining but I'll go ahead anyway. You're going to look pretty silly going into your new classroom or lecture theatre without a biro and first impressions are probably more important than you might think at the minute. I tend to carry a handful just in case they all run out at once!
Geometry set. Probably not so much for college or University students because there are no compulsory maths or science classes where you're headed, but in high school this is a must. Even if it was rarely used and stayed at the bottom of your very untidy rucksack like mine did, it's always best to avoid getting into trouble.
Highlighters. An absolute must in every single lesson at any degree of learning if you ask me. For those essay based subjects that include a lot of reading, highlighters are great for keeping track - highlighting key words, phrases, quotes, that kind of thing. For maths and science based subjects highlighters come in handy for keywords and when trying to decipher the best way to answer exam questions as it bodes well to highlight key information and numbers you may need to use.
Coloured pen. Again a very fantastic revision tool if not anything else. I always found it incredibly helpful to colour code topics, write key parts in a different colour, draw diagrams in very bright and sometimes garish colours sometimes just so they wouldn't go unnoticed. My favourites to use were the stabilo fineliners but any would do.
Arrive laden with ring binders and writing pads, you'll need these absolutely everywhere you go. I don't think I can even walk into a stationary shop without coming out with a new notebook or folder of some sort. I always had two pads per subject in college - one for class work, one for revision. If you're not filling them up, the chances are you're not doing enough, especially after high school level. Whatever you don't use can be saved for blogging or University purposes, right?

To conclude, I think it's best I stop talking about stationary and have a customary, Vickie-esque ramble about working hard but enjoying yourself doing it. It is really important to do, because the workload is so much once you leave high school that if you don't do something you really love, you'll end up rejecting all of your work and performing poorly.

I'll be doing one of these every Friday for probably four/five weeks and I'm considering doing one every September if all goes well! As some of you probably know next year I'll be going to University after taking a gap year so it could be my way of keeping you up to date on how it's all going!

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