Monday, 15 July 2013


I'm sorry, I'm an absolute cheeseball but I couldn't resist. However, I am paying for the little "be my guest!" mishap above - queue the song from Disney's Beauty and the Beast (my favourite Disney film) playing over and over in my head...

Back to the point! As some of you may or may not know, I've moved domain and started again with my blog - basically a revamp allowing me to broaden my horizons. On this new blog I really want to start to incorporate a monthly (or fortnightly or weekly - depending on how many of you are interested!) guest spot! There will be a mini sort of application form thing that I'll want you to email me - nothing major, just little details about you! - and then I'll pick and choose, ask one person one month, another the next, that sort of thing. Your guest post can be on basically anything (hence my desire to revamp, wanting to include more on my blog!): fashion, beauty, lifestyle. So this means product reviews, advice, personal essentials, FOTDs, OOTDs, recipes, DIY tips... anything

So, if you're interested, why not fill out the application below?

Links to social networking sites:
Your 'Guest Post' idea:

You can email your applications to I'm not looking for you to send me over a full blog post with images and pictures and the works, by idea I literally mean, for example, 'review on the Bourjois cream blushers'. That is it.

Please spread the word and let anyone you may think would be interested have a look at this! It may also help them to look at my old blog here to see whether they'd be really interested. I won't begin posting these until I'm fully done with my HTML and website editing so don't worry, your post won't be going on a shoddy looking blog!

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