Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lush Cosmetics treats

Okay - so this is the first post under my new domain and what better way to start than with a little Lush post? Trick question - there is no better way.
Early next month my boyfriend's mother is going on holiday for two weeks and as a result I'm left to babysit her very grumpy cat and her even grumpier son - queue the violins, please. I figured I'd get myself some treats for when she's away as she has a lovely big bath and I'll have the house totally empty while Ryan is at work, so I popped down to my local Lush store in the Manchester Arndale Centre and picked out 3 fantastic products with the help of the lovely Emma who unfortunately is soon leaving her position there to go travelling (bad news for me but good for her!)

First on my list of must have picks is their Pheonix Rising ballistic. I absolutely adore this - the outside is a lot harder than the inside, perhaps more like a bath melt outside and a ballistic inside, so watching it fizz away is so bizzare. It also smells like Christmas. However, I have experienced some staining in my bath tub so I've only used this once, but as it's going to be a different bath I figured I'd try again, as upon speaking to staff at Lush it seems that staining isn't usually a problem (the Enchanter bath ballistic was discontinued as it had a really bad habit of staining both baths and people!). 

The second product I picked up was the Big Blue ballistic. Again, this is a favourite of mine and I frequently find myself buying it. It has actual seaweed in it, smells absolutely divine and turns the bath such a really beautiful, deep blue colour - a proper mermaid bath! It's so relaxing and just wow. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a stress release. 

Last on my list is the Sunnyside bubble bar. This isn't something I've ever bought before or ever even considered buying, but Emma, the sales advisor I always tend to go to on my Sunday visits, highly recommended it. After showing me the glorious glimmer and copious amount of bubbles this products I could not resist buying it. It does leave glitter absolutely everywhere, but the fresh fruity scent renders that fact completely mute. 

I absolutely love my local Lush store and that is probably the reason I am constantly penniless. However I really can't fault the staff, the quality of the products and the service I get when I go in! I can't wait to try out the new product I've bought as well as enjoying again some old favourites. What are your top Lush products?

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  1. Droool I'm overdue for a trip to Lush, but waiting for five pots to get emptied so I can exchange them for a 100gm mask. The Sunnyside bubble bar looks so gorgeous though the thought of coming out looking like Edward Cullen.... x
    My Beauty Junction

    1. This is something I'm worrying about myself haha! The smell of it just made me feel really happy though :(