Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Beauty Purchases and Upcoming Reviews

Pointless as this post may or may not be, I thought I'd share with you guys the sorts of items I've been buying just to prepare you for some upcoming reviews and blog posts.

I haven't been spending an insane amount of money but I have picked up a fair few extra bits. I've mainly been buying lipsticks for some odd reason, as you can probably tell, mainly because I've been growing really bored of wearing the same shades. I only really had one or two of a set shade so I really want to try different looks that may well suit me - I've just been too scared to try it out.

I also picked up just today the new Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. After the Baby Lips hype and ultimate flop (not many bloggers liked them and I must admit that included me) I was sort of sceptical about trying this out. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Like I said this post may have seemed pointless to some but others may be interested as to why my bank account is so empty right now. We can blame Rimmmel and Ryan's birthday for the most part.


  1. at first i really like baby lips but then i opened my eyes and realised i actually like everything about the lipbalm apart from its actual purpose- to moisturise. lol

  2. I really want to try the baby skin!! My pores are out of fricking control

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  3. Is the middle colour tattoo metallic pomegranate? I want it so badly that I can spot it a mile away! haha! Oh the baby lips were crap! I blame them for my lips getting in really bad condition they really suck the moisture out of them x

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    1. Haha yeah it is! I was worried about getting it because I don't do coloured shadow but it's GORGEOUS. Really subtle, almost like MAC's cranberry in a very shimmery form x

  4. I've been like you recently where I've been buying lots of different lipstick shades! I usually stick to the same ol' shades but I want to step out a bit! Can't wait to see more posts & reviews!

    - xoxo

  5. everything looks lovely! Excited to see blog posts about all of those lippies! :)