Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush: The New Purchase

I have been using the little round blusher pots brought to us by the faithful Bourjois since I was about 14, so when they brought out the cream blush equivalent for the same price you'd think I'd be all over that. I wasn't. I uhhmd and ahhd, dove into my local Superdrug and Boots stores and swatched countless times, yet I still couldn't decide. Until last week, that is...

I was out in town with Ryan, doing the usual - spending all of the money I had and also allowing him to buy me our favourite Barburrito. After I hit pan on my current powder blusher a week previously, I was out to get my hands on a new blusher, I just wasn't entirely sure what I wanted. Noticing a £2 off offer and some gentle encouragement from Ryan which was very out of character I bought shade 02 for £5.99, not the sort of price that'd put you out of pocket. But is it worth it?

The colour pigment and longevity are both definitely there. As seen swatched on my very blurry and frighteningly chubby looking hand above (I'll put up a better photo soon, this was very rushed) you can clearly see the trueness of the coral shade it is, and this was literally a dip in with my index finger and a swipe. The colour is easy to blend and very easy to build, and lasts noticeably longer than the powder equivalent. As far as value for money goes I'll have to get back to you, but it certainly looks like Bourjois have done us proud once again.

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  1. I still need to get one of these, I always swatch it in boots but never get one! I think I will get one now :)

    Lucy | a little of lucy