Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Catch Up

I honestly do have to apologise. Having not posted in over a week I wouldn't be surprised if some of you lovely followers have forgotten about me entirely, but here I am. There's been a big birthday weekend (of a friend's), a bit of family mishap but now I have everything sorted I'm back to normal!

So here's a little bit of what I'll be doing over the next few weeks: the final few posts of my Student Series for this year will be up (yes, they're back!), my continuing participation in The Starting Off Project, more reviews, more weekend posts, my 100 followers celebration looming - I'm currently on 91 followers, come on all of you on Bloglovin'! - and much more. 

I hope you can all forgive me for being absent but I'm back and I have a lot coming up for you guys so stick with me!

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