Sunday, 22 September 2013

Curing Sunday Boredom

As you've probably guessed, this weeks addition to Sunday posts is on curing boredom. I've found recently that by the time it comes to Sunday I've done all that needs to be done and I quickly become lethargic and restless. So, I compiled a list of all the important things I could possibly do. I've compiled that list into a blog post to hopefully help some of you guys out who tend to find yourself with the Sunday boredom blues. Enjoy!

Go for a walk with friends, first on the list. Surprisingly, a great way to combat restlessness is to get up and do something, and what better way to do that than with a good couple of friends? It enables you to have that much needed catch up and also gets you out and about, keeping you active and healthy. There's nothing much better than killing two birds with one stone. 

Tidy your room. Yawn, I know, I feel ya. But it's got to be done. They do say a tidy room means a tidy mind, and I know I feel much better after I've had a good sort out. Yet another way to keep active as well.

Pamper yourself. I certainly don't need telling twice. Sunday is the perfect day to have some good me time. Get your favourite bubble bath, a brew and have a good soak. Paint your nails. Dye your hair. Easy way to kill a couple of hours and just imagine how good you'll feel afterwards!

Read a book. Easily said by a complete booknerd like myself, but why not sit down with a good book and enjoy the peace? You have the whole day. Whether it's a magazine, a novel or an autobiography, stop putting off that book you keep saying you're going to read and just read it!

Do the laundry. Save the best till last, right? As much as you feel like putting it off, it needs to be done. Once it's in the washing machine you have at least half an hour to go and do something else, so it isn't actually massively time consuming. And while we still have the last dregs of nice weather here in England, you might as well make the most of having really fresh smelling clothes after having them hung out in the sun. 

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