Thursday, 26 September 2013

Autumn Picks: Jumpers and Nail Varnish

I can honestly tell already that my clothing of choice this year is likely to be the jumper/shirt combination. All of the comfort of a baggy jumper, however teamed with a shirt can almost look formal. Smart, right?

Prepare to see, in time, many outfit posts where I do everything I possibly can with jumpers and shirts. I own about a million of each item, so why on earth not?

I also posted a couple of weeks ago asking what everyone's go to colours were for the Autumn/Winter, and I was so surprised at how many people labelled pastels as their main choice. I've always been a dark, grungey sort of girl, if it isn't black, put it back on the rack sort of thing, so when it comes to pastels I'm totally baffled and sort of feel a little left behind in the crowd. I do, however, have a nice selection of pastel nail varnishes which I think will look absolutely adorable, so those may be a good start. Pictured above is the Barry M Blueberry Icecream and Strawberry Icecream nail paint, £2.99 each and an ORLY shade that I can't seem to find anywhere online, but these go for around the same price as Essie's nail varnishes.

If you have any ways I can work more pastels and colours into my winter wardrobe or just my wardrobe in general I'm incredibly keen to hear. I'm sat ready with a pad and pen so fire them at me!

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