Monday, 26 August 2013

The Sunday Post: Skin Saviours

Firstly I have to apologise for the fact that this weeks 'The Sunday Post' is actually being published on Monday - my bad. Now, this week I've decided to concentrate on some weekly wonders that can really cleanse and replenish your tired skin after a week of work/school/college/internetting.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil, mentioned previously here, is in the selection. I'm still not totally into this product despite describing it earlier as the holy grail of makeup removers, however it does do the job very well. Fantastic for removing all of the last dregs of that stubborn mascara or the red tint of MAC's Ruby Woo off your lips. A fantastic way to start a Sunday skincare routine. 

Lush Cosmetics' Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask is also high up there. I have only very recently purchased this but it is fantastic for skin like my own - a dry T-zone but oily jawline and chin (typically a sign of hormonal blemishes I'm told). The fresh ingredients cleanse the skin and pull out any impurities, yet it also contains almond shell to slough away all of the nasty dead skin cells and let me tell you it works! I was sceptical of course, but it really is fantastic.

Alternatively I recommend the Mask of Magnaminty, also made by the fairies at Lush Cosmetics. Also containing a good bit of scrub (that I don't feel works quite as well as that in Love Lettuce but still does its job) but also packed full of minty freshness to really wake the skin up after a week of hard work. 

The third mask up here is the Pretty Face Dead Sea Mud Mask for those of you who have a more oily skin tone. The clay based mask is sure to get rid of all of the nasty impurities that pop up without stripping the skin of any of the goodness it needs. You can also pick this up for as little as a couple of pounds and I've had this tube for months now. 

To finish off I like to use my Ultrabland Facial Cleanser to restore any lost moisture in the face masking process. This also melts away any left over dirt on the skin. Voila, fantastic Sunday skin to prepare you for the week ahead.

What are your go-to skin products after a hectic week? I'd love to hear your suggestions and try some new things out!


  1. Haven't tried any of these products yet. I've read some reviews of the L'Oreal oil where girls said it was great but clogged their pores. I love Lush products so I'll probably get some of their face masks soon... :)

    1. It just irritates my eyes veryyyy slightly (nothing a splash of water wont fix)and that's my only issue with it I guess!

      Lush masks are the greatest, everyone needs to try them!