Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Starting Off Project Week #1: Skincare

How exciting is this?! Week #1 of #theSOproject has finally come around and it's time to talk skincare. In order to keep this suitable for everyone I have included a range of items for a range of different skin types, and will also throw in a couple of extra bits that aren't pictured in the image above if you fancy venturing a little out of your comfort zone. So without further adieu...

Cleansers. We all need them but let's admit, sometimes we're just too lazy, especially when you hear people talk about double cleansing and triple cleansing - why bother? Because you should look after your skin. To make it a little easier I find it best to start with an oil based cleanser to get rid of the days tough make-up and grime and I recommend no other than the L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Oil. Warning - this product will give you panda eyes. Boy, does it work though! With a few gentle scrubs of the fingers in a circular motion over the lids, I found even my post stubborn mascara to have vanished.
Lush Cosmetic's Ultrabland Facial Cleanser can also be used as a first step to rid you of make-up and dirt, but I prefer to use it as a night time cleanser. It's thick, easy to apply and leaves your skin feeling beautiful, however I myself found this product a little heavy for a morning cleanser. Ultrabland is also great for oily, acne prone skin when used on a regular basis and what's better than that?
If you suffer from just the odd spot something a little more natural could be put to use - try tea tree based products for a less harsh approach and on those great skin days I highly recommend the Proto-col Coral Skin Cleanser, something I've had in my beauty basket for a long time. It's light and fresh, more like a milk than a soap, and is perfect for morning cleansing right before one of those no-make-up  make-up days.
And, if you're totally lazy and don't care about the fact that face wipes are an absolute no go, at least use something kind to your skin, such as the Simple face wipes. Try to keep the alcohol you're putting on to a minimum!

Secondly, I bring you to moisturisers. You may be thinking "I don't suffer from dry skin, I guess I can skip this step". Wrong! Your skin needs hydrating regularly and sometimes it just can't do it on its own!
If you're lucky enough to have escaped the burden that is dry skin, perhaps it might be an idea to try quite a light moisturiser. Balance do a lovely pair of cheap and cheerful daytime and night time moisturisers which aren't thick or greasy looking, smell fresh and will just give your skin that extra bit of moisture.
If you're like me and suffer from flaky skin then I recommend using a richer moisturiser such as Nivea or even, if you fancy splashing out, Origin's Drink Up Intensive. Even if you don't suffer from dry patches I recommend using a rich moisturiser every week or so.

The last little dreg of my post is dedicated to a couple of areas. Face masks and lips. Starting with the former, I tend to use a face mask perhaps once a week, twice on a bad week. For young skin I think any sort of dead sea/clay mask is a great one to choose. Lush also have a great collection, amongst my favourites are Love Lettuce and Cupcake. Apply your face mask all over the face, leave for 10 minutes or at least until it begins to dry on the face and simply wash off.
And now, last but not least, I feel it's very important to keep your lips moisturised. There is nothing more painful than dry, chapped lips! My go to is of course vaseline and I prefer to apply the one that contains SPF.

I know this post was incredibly long but I felt I had lots to cover! Hopefully I'll be able to condense the other weeks a fair bit more and keep posts relatively simple. If you're after more advice on skincare and different skin types please feel free to contact me in any way. This is week one of the Starting Off Project officially over, I look forward to next weeks post very much!

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  1. I've never really tried using an oil based cleanser, that L'Oreal one is calling out to me though, it sounds amazing and just what i need!

    Rosie xo

    1. It is good! Like I say it does give you panda eyes but nothing a swill of water wont fix, but other than that it does its job really well!

  2. you cover a lot of skincare ranges its a good post! :)

    Mine is http://katiesworld-ofbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. I really want to try out the oil cleanser I have the cleansing water from the same range and I love it so I'm going on the hunt for the oil one. Great post and a loevly blog too xxx

    fancy checking out my blog?

  4. been umming and ahhing about the miricle cleasner for a while. Love everything I've tried by L'oreal.

    lovely post!

    mine is : polkadella.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I love the look of the Loreal Cleaning Oil, I may have to pick it up next time I'm out and about :)

    Great post lovely!

    I'm part of the project too, you can find my post at bethanyworrall.com if you fancy a read xx

  6. Great post! I love skincare products with tea tree - I find they really prevent breakouts and overall make my skin look and feel much healthier!



  7. L'Oreal always does such good make up removers but I have never tried this one so will have to get next time i'm in boots :)