Saturday, 10 August 2013

No need for introductions...

Well actually, there is! I've been chatting too and discussing many things with the lovely bunch over at Prairie Charms, a place to get your pretty hands on bespoke items which are all limited in number, so you know you'll be getting something unique and lovely for a really good price. For their relaunch I approached Prairie Charms and asked about participating as they are holding all sorts of contests and blogger bits you can all sink your teeth into. 

Honestly, so much of the stuff on their website is divine, I seriously couldn't choose what to buy for myself and think I ended up getting far too much! Take a look for yourself and keep your eyes peeled for more news - you can keep your eye on their Twitter page

The staff at Prairie Charms are possibly the most pleasant I've ever spoken to and they'll take the time out to tend to any of your quarms and questions. And with a lovely free gift, who's complaining? I'll be posting more when I receive my order hopefully at the end of the week, including reviews and OOTDs. 

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  1. Omg so many cute accessories!! Im in love with the bows!

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