Friday, 2 August 2013

Monthly Happenings #1: July

Manchester lunch with Kerrianne and Tom, going on a splurge, August's Vogue, new blog, starting work, Victoria's Secret job interview (update soon!), cocktails with Sam and Tom, Erinn's 18th, a trip to the Benefayre, new tattoo.

All in all I've had a lovely month, England was blessed with some uncharacteristic weather and I got up to some wonderful things with some wonderful people. News for Victoria's Secret is looking good, many cocktails with good friends always seems a good idea and Erinn's party was great. I'm also really loving the new addition to my arm which I've posted about here - big thanks to Dom Wiley! Very much looking forward to this month, have a lot planned and I'm excited!

1 comment :

  1. ahhh i want a tattoo so bad... i can't tho cos i have a problem with my skin. it's gutting! this looks amaze xx