Monday, 22 July 2013

A Little Personal

After Sophie Bolton tagged me in a tweet alerting me of her new post, something a little more personal to her which you can read here, I instantly decided I wanted to write one of my own. This post is going to be a little about my struggle with my weight and self confidence. Excuse the old, drunken photos but they're about the only good quality ones I have of me out and about!

I've always been up and down with my weight. When I was younger I was always a chubbier child but back then it was something that was considered cute, yet all through my life I've felt singled out and always struggled with my confidence. I had plenty of friends yet somehow always felt like the ugly duckling.
In my early teens it all seemed to even out - I reached my current height of 5ft 8in and fit nicely into a size 10/12.
However, once the GCSEs began in year 10 the weight started to pile on. I crept up to a solid size 12 and even began slipping into a size 14.
It didn't even stop in college as the exams and the stress just seemed to continue. With January and May/June exams in both years the comfort eating continued. Right now I'm mainly in a size 16.
Alongside this I had, through high school, had a couple of boyfriends that didn't treat me ideally lets just say. My confidence was at rock bottom and I went through such a hard time.
In the December of 2011 I met my current boyfriend, Ryan. It took me a while to allow myself to really let go around him but being with such a caring and considerate guy has really made me feel better about myself. He also helped me gain the confidence (and funding) to start to attend weight watchers meetings. So far the weight has been dropping off and slowly my confidence is rising.
The people you do and don't allow in your life can really affect how you feel about yourself. I have really fantastic, supportive friends, a brilliant family and a wonderful boyfriend and I couldn't be happier right now. Let go of the people who put you down and concentrate on yourself.

I know this post doesn't totally fit in with the rest of my blog but I thought it was such a lovely idea. I'll be posting weightloss updates every so often and hopefully this will also help my confidence in blogging!

Have you ever considered doing a slightly personal post on your blog? It takes some nerve but I'm glad I've done it!

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