Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer Nails

I know this isn't exactly a tutorial or anything but hey, nails on Sunday! First off I must apologise for how bright and unreadable shade 4 is, I didn't realise until I'd posted it. For the record, the shade is lemon ice cream!

I thought I'd stick with my theme of easily affordable high street brands for this, with these prices ranging from £3.99 for the Barry M Gelly shades and just £1 for the MUA polishes. 

For the summer brights section of the post I chose three of my favourites from Barry M's more recent Gelly Hi Shine collection. These beautifully fruity shades are perfect for the bright weather and everybody in the blogging community seems to be loving these at the minute. The shades are absolutely divine, yet I don't like the formula as much as the standard Barry M paints, it's a little sticky!

Following brights are my summer pastels, of which I've chosen three (although the last will be discussed separately). Shown in at number 4 is Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream. I was absolutely obsessed with this collection when it came out and I own every single one of the Ice Cream shades. However, for a summer pastel this yellow is perfect, and coming in at £2.99 a bottle I'm in love. I also have MUA's Bold Blue varnish here - a little different and possibly not quite pastel but beautiful non the less. The MUA polishes are cheap as chips yet are wonderfully opaque. However, I did find that they chip in a day or two - considering the price, though, that is easily overlooked!

I've saved Ameretto Crush last for a very good reason: PINK. This dusky pink shade is the perfect little thing to take you from summer over into Autumn. Pink, especially the girlier, lighter shades like this beauty is coming in for Autumn/Winter 2013, and for those who wouldn't be seen dead in a pretty pink dress, nail colour is a great way to sneak some girly charm into your outfit.

What shades have been all up on your fingertips this summer?

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  1. Ooh I'd really like to try the yellow Barry m polish!i have those Gelly hi-shines and I love them!:)