Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Weightloss Wednesdays #4 | The Wishlist

Stats: Weight Lost: 7lbs

After taking a week off for my birthday I'm back and unfortunately I've stayed the same weight. I can't say I'm disappointed - there was a lot of alcohol consumed and lots of hangover food eaten! This week I'm bringing you a wishlist of the basic things I think I need to start my collection of workout gear. Now I'm no pro, so I've just headed over to the Sports Direct website as there isn't very much point in investing a lot of money into gear I may not get the correct wear out of! So, here's my basic checklist (for now - expect revised ones as time goes on!)

Long pants/jogging bottoms for any outside needs or if your gym isn't quite as warm as you'd like. Pictured above are Nike Flex Slim Capri Pants. A little less material than in standard jogging bottoms and not quite full length, I think these would be perfect for my own needs as I'm known to get very warm. You can find these on Sports Direct for around £16. 

A good sports bra is a must have, even if you're not particularly heavy chested - these things still cause injuries! It is really important to invest in a good sports bra and not just the cheapest, especially if you're large in the bosom like myself. The one I've picked out is a Nike Pro Sports Bra and goes for around £12. Most of us would spend the same amount if not more on a normal bra - if you're looking for a decent sports bra you can expect to spend around this price and higher!

Tank tops because sometimes t shirts are just too hot, especially if you're participating in some vigorous cardio. If you're working out 3-5 days a week you're gonna need a handful of these so there isn't much point spending a huge amount on your tshirts as of yet. This Nike Reg Club Training Tank Top is just £12.

Running shorts are probably the comfiest option if you're not after trousers. They're loose and a good material so they won't stick to your legs if you get a little sweaty! Even if you're not running, these are great for when it's just too hot and sweaty for jogging bottoms. Nike Tempo Running Shorts have made this pick as they go for only around £13.

Cycling shorts are last on my list but certainly not the least important. If you're a larger lady like myself or just know you have a tendency to chafe when things get a little sweaty around the thigh area (even my lovely tall, slim boyfriend chafes when he plays football so there's nothing to be ashamed of!) then these are such a life saver as that is precisely what they're there to prevent. Now, you don't need Nike or branded versions of these, get yourself down to a supermarket or something and grab a few pairs of cheap ones - they do exactly the same thing! But if you're interested, the ones pictured above are Nike Pro 2.5 Shorts and are around £17. 

Again, unless you're professional you're not going to have to invest in specific footwear just yet - I've been throwing on my Air Max and just going for it! Perhaps a specific training shoe post will come later. Keep your eyes peeled...

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