Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Weightloss Wednesdays #1

Hello all! As some of you may know, my good friend from over the pond Megan began posting about her weightloss journey and as I struggle myself, I figured I'd join in! She's started to call this Weightloss Wednesday, now I'm not sure if that was already a thing but to hell with it, to make life a little easier and because I'm sure we're all fond of a little alliteration I figured I'd label my weekly update the same thing! 

So here's the story. I was always bigger than other girls my age, not overly but I constantly felt like the chubby, ugly duckling of the group. As I grew this became much less noticeable, yet it still got me down. When it came to doing my GCSEs I began to comfort eat, and alongside getting the contraception implant put in my weight began to creep up. In the space of two years I put on about 25lbs and it did not feel good. Because of exams in college it only got worse, too - exams twice a year, plenty of time to stress eat but not enough time to work it off. Long story short ish, I'm not happy with the way I look and it's time to change. I'm a woman on a mission.

Like Megan has been doing, I'm going to post weekly, every Wednesday. These posts will include my stats for the week - pounds lost, steps walked (once I've purchased myself a pedometer), calories burnt, that sort of thing - tips, recipes, exercise regimes, bi monthly progress shots... you name it! So keep your eye out, feel free to drop me an email if you fancy doing something similar or if you just want some help or advice and I'll do my best! 

I'd like to wish Megan luck as I can't give her any encouragement face to face and the same to anybody else trying to shift some inches!


  1. Hi Vickie, how's the weightloss going? I am on a mission too! 10lbs so far and counting! x

    1. Hey love!
      It's going pretty well, I actually put my second post up the other day!
      Good luck, you're doing so good!