Thursday, 31 October 2013


Happy Halloween everyone! Very quick post today, but look who's making a guest appearance! Everyone, this is Ryan, my boyfriend of almost two years. He's a little camera shy.

As some of you who know me personally will probably know, I get seriously over excited about any sort of holiday. Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays... you name it. So when I discovered that I wouldn't get to see Ryan on Halloween and cook him up some tasty treats I rushed out to buy some pre-made. For the record, these photos are from Sunday. I am not losing my mind. 

These little cupcakes were actually made by Haribo and they were so adorable! With ghost and mummy sweets all over and a lovely sweet tasting icing I really wasn't turning my nose up at these - they were only £1 from the local co op! As for the toffee apples, 60p or 2 for £1. Bargain! I also put together a tasty drink... more on that later.

I did have planned a series of Halloween/Autumn posts but with work I was simply too busy and wasn't quite prepared enough. Do keep a look out for next year though...

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