Monday, 14 October 2013

The New Job

I have been asked and I've been asked many times, and I figured hey, doing a post on it will save a lot of hassle. It's not ideal but this is it - I've started working at McDonald's full time. Laugh if you like, but here's why..

When it came to picking my course for University I really struggled. Kept changing my mind, became really panicky and really had no idea what I wanted to do. Rather than waste £9.000 a year on something I didn't want to do I figured I'd take a year out to decide and also save some money. I didn't want to struggle while I was at Uni, at least not while I was still adjusting to this huge change in my life. It felt like the perfect idea and I applied to so many jobs. McDonald's isn't great and nor is the pay, but it's a lovely, laid back work environment and I actually quite enjoy what I do. 

Hopefully that answers some questions! I'd be happy to ask anymore if you'd like to leave a comment. I know this is a bit of a boring post but I felt I had some explaining to do!

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