Sunday, 27 October 2013

BADgal lash vs They're Real!

Last night I was rooting through all of my makeup and all of the photos I've taken on my camera in an attempt to spot any gems I've missed out and not adequately reviewed, and here we go. The much raved about They're Real! and the seldom mentioned BADgal lash, paired together for a one on one battle. I'm thinking of everything that could possibly be right or wrong with each product and bringing it to you!

Now, I think we all know that they're both from the wonderful fairies over at Benefit. I only have the minis of both - I find it incredibly hard to part with a solid £20 for a mascara and receive only a silver coin in return, but ho hum, that may just be me. Never one to go for a subtle lash look both contenders are solid black, so if you're after a nice, high end neutral mascara you might as well leave now. Although I beg you not to. 

So, I'm gonna start by talking about the brushes. They're both large and relatively easy to use, although very different. They're Real! has a plastic brush with short bristles, whereas BADgal lash holds a much chunkier spool brush. And which do I prefer? Hands down the brush of BADgal lash. The luxuriously thick and down right massive brush just feels that little more luxurious and separates my long, thick lashes rather nicely. 

Next we're onto longevity. I can apply BADgal lash and it last all day, yeah. However, when it gets to the warmer, heavier hours of early evening, particularly in the summer, I can sort of feel the black coat under my eyes. Not particularly visible but it's definitely there. Nothing a quick wipe and top up of concealer can fix, though. On the contrast, I can apply They're Real! and still be wearing it the next morning, despite a hell of a lot of scrubbing. Unsure whether this is a pro or a con but damn, that stuff isn't going anywhere!

Now for price. Both are high end but both are relatively expensive, with BADgal lash being the cheaper of the two at £17.50 as opposed to £19.50. Not much difference in it so I think it's important, when seeking out a high end makeup product of any sort, you find a way to try it out first. I got plenty of free samples at the Benefayre that was held. You can also purchase samples for a smaller chunk of the cash you'd pay for the full version. It really is an investment at the end of the day, so be careful!

Time for the verdict. I personally much prefer BADgal lash, but for no reason other than the fact that, for me, They're Real! is a little too much. Is it still one of the best mascaras I've ever used? Yes. But my eyelashes are huge and thick anyway, so that extra bit of oomph can sometimes just make me look a little like a crazy mascara lady. 

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