Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Sunday Post #1: I vow

Sunday, bloody Sunday. That day of the week where you intend to do everything but wind up doing absolutely nothing. And as my only day off each week at the minute, I would so much rather be doing nothing. However, it dawned on me that I've been a bit naughty in terms of brush maintenance - I don't do it. So my vow is to start a weekly clean for my bristled pals, and what better day to do this than a lazy Sunday?

To start off (and please ignore my chipped nail varnish) I collected up all of my most used brushes and carted them into the bathroom. For cleaning I've been recommended anything for a baby - I've heard a lot of people talking about using Johnson's Baby Shampoo and other alternatives. I settled for InfaCare Baby Bath. Designed for ultra sensitive little things, it won't be harsh on the brushes and strip them of any oils they may or may not have.

After wetting the brushes I applied a small dollop of the cleaning product onto the brush head and lathered it up. On rinsing, you can see every bit of grime and dirt leaving the bristles - it's actually a little disgusting if I'm honest! Not nice when you think about how many times you've ran that dirty brush over your face!

Once you've gotten rid of all of the soap suds from your brush, simply lie horizontal on a flat surface. Not the most exhilarating of jobs, hence why I was putting it off constantly, but it really does have to be done. From now on, Sundays are dedicated to brush cleaning and blog planning. 

Is there a beauty related job you simply can't stand to do?

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  1. Oh gosh I NEVER wash my brushes either! I don't really use them much, but they must still be pretty gross... this has inspired me to get them cleaned soon!

    I nominated you for the Liebster award :)